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Instructor Name:Shihan Dan McCaslin

Chief Instructor-8th Degree Black Belt


Other Information: Dan McCaslin started his martial arts training in JIKC karate in Union City, Tn. in 1976. His first instructor was David Smith who was a student of Vic Milner (Murray, Ky ). He also trained under Sensei Nelson Vaughn in Union City for a period of time.
In 1978 he started college at Murray State University and continued his training under Shihan Milner's guidance. Shihan Milner was a direct student of Kiyohisa Hirano ( Hawaii ). In 1982 McCaslin earned his Shodan-1st degree black belt in Shotokan Karate from Jim Baize (Memphis ) and Shihan Milner. In 1984 he earned his Nidan--2nd degree black belt in Kami Bushi Kai Karate from Shihan David Okawa Baize(Clarksville, Tn.) and Shihan Milner. In January 1985 McCaslin left Kentucky to pursue a career in chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in Sunnyvale , Ca. While in California he trained when he could at the Shotokan-West Karate club in Santa Clara under Sensei Marty Asplundh ( a Santa Clara police officer). Upon returning to Kentucky in August 1988 McCaslin resumed his training In the United Bujutsu Federation under Shihan David Okawa Baize and Shihan Vic Milner. In March 1989 McCaslin earned his Sandan--3rd degree black belt under Shihan Baize and Shihan Milner.

In the spring of 1989 McCaslin founded the Richmond School of Karate in Richmond, Ky. He has continued to train in a variety of martial arts over the last 26 years.
In addition to the previously mentioned instructors Shihan McCaslin has trained under Soke Ron Cherry and Soke-Dai Ray Ferrell of Charlotte, N.C. in Shorinji TorakenDo Jujutsu, Hanshi Doug Perry of Hendersonville, N.C. in Okinawan Kobudo, and Shihan Dan Howard of Harlan, Ky. in American Escrima.
McCaslin has also been fortunate to train in seminars with instructors such as Nishiyama Sensei, Mikami Sensei, Toru Shimoji Sensei,and Imoto Sensei (Nisei Goju ).
In April 2006 Shihan McCaslin was appointed Soke-Dai under Soke David Okawa Baize.  In 2010 Shihan McCaslin resigned from the United Bujutsu Federation and founded San Yama Bujutsu Renmei--Three Mountains Martial Arts Federation.


Kami Bushi Do Karate --8th Degree Black Belt
Shotokan Karate           --2nd Degree Black Belt
Shorinji Tora Ken Do Jujutsu-- 1st Degree Black Belt
Shorin-Ryu Kensankai Kobudo-- 3rd Degree Black Belt
American Escrima ---   Certified Level 5 Instructor