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Jujutsu is the combat oriented version of jujitsu. Jujitsu literally translates as gentle technique. This is because it does not require great strength but does require knowledge of leverage and joint manipulation (locking). While it does not require great strength on the part of the defender, it can be devastating to an attacker. The joint locks are usually painful to the attacker and the throws can be very effective. Chokes are also taught to control the attacker. Jujutsu is taught as part of all advanced adult classes at the Richmond School of Karate. The style of jujutsu used is based on a Japanese system which emphasizes stand up techniques. While some ground fighting techniques are taught they are not emphasized as heavily as they are in Brazilian Jujitsu. This is because grappling with an opponent on the ground is not practical on the street. Students are taught to strike groin and eyes, etc. if on the ground and to get back to a standing position as quickly as possible. This is especially important if multiple attackers are involved.